Jul 21, 2009

Losing My Faith

I have recently lost faith in the justice and legal system of the State of Washington, and I’m sure it is no better anywhere else. In the past year, I have watched a father fight for his child’s happiness only to be defeated by the system put in place to protect his rights. I have watched as the light in a 13 year-old boy’s eyes has slowly grown dim. I have cried for the pain both father and son have felt, because a mother can do whatever she wants without a second thought to her child. I have watched as the love of a father is pitted against a mother who fights simply for control and wins.

Being a parent can’t always be easy, what do I know I don’t have kids. However, I have watched many amazing dads out there spend hours with their children and sacrifice their own happiness for their child. I have also heard the stories and seen the affects of fathers who could care less, who have a number of kids out there who don’t even know what he looks like. I have seen mothers who give love unconditionally to their children and I have seen mothers who look at each kid as a paycheck. Whether it’s a child support check or a welfare check, that child is nothing more to them then a way to get money. I have also seen mothers and fathers use their children as pawns in their game of revenge and hate for each other.

Enter the court system. They claim to do “what is in the best interest of the child”, yet they never ask the child anything. A 13-year-old can get an abortion without the consent of his or her parent; however, they are not responsible enough to say what they want or who they want to live with.

There are many fathers out there who are “dead-beats”, but for each one of those, I have met an amazing dad. My father, my cousins, and my friends are all amazing fathers. I have also witnessed the ugliest custody battle I have ever seen and I hope to God above I never see one again. I see a child who is stuck in the middle, hopeless, helpless, and slowly losing the joy in his life. More and more time is being taken away from him and his father and it breaks my heart. Now a threat looms of no visitation or communication for six months. Really? What is this going to accomplish, besides a devastated, heartbroken child? Is this really what is “in the best interest of the child”? Cause I don’t see it.

This is a mother who hates the child’s father so much she is willing to destroy her own child to get back at his father. She doesn’t care what her child wants or needs; she cares about control and getting back at a man where hurts him the most. I have one last ounce of hope the judicial system will do the right thing and see through the lies and hate and into the eyes of a child who simply wishes for time with his dad.

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Anonymous said...

I could not have said it better. seriously I could not have said it because there is a court oder in place.. thanks for the kind words. I hope that the kid wins in the end.